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Fitness Myths

Myth #1   Doing crunches will give me the "six-pack" abs.               

           Absolutely NOT.  This is probably the biggest myth in training.  Despite what all the infomercials and magazines are telling you, there is no such thing as "spot reduction" or "target training".  Just doing exercises that isolate those "problem areas" does not work.  To lose body fat anywhere on your body it takes proper nutrition, cardio for burning fat and resistance training to build lean muscle.  There are benefits to doing abdominal exercises, but losing the fat around the stomach area is not one of them.
Myth #2   If I want to lose body fat, I simply have to eat less food.          
              Not true.  Generally less food consumed means fewer nutrients consumed.  The body's muscles govern it's metabolism and if not fed with adequate nutrients, it will decrease in metabolic function.  The key to healthy body fat loss includes consuming the right amount of nutrients to preserve function and maintaining the metabolic furnace with exercise.
Myth #3   Lifting weights will make me too "big' or "bulky"          
              Getting too "big" or "bulky" does not happen by accident.  It would require considerable discipline and diet planning.  Weight training will help build lean muscle and shape your body.  You cannot change the shape of your body without resistance training.

Myth #4   The more I sweat, the more calories I'm burning.          
              Not true.  Sweating is not necessarily an indicator of exertion.  Sweating is your body's way of cooling itself.  Your body will lose weight while you sweat, that is until you drink again.

Myth #5   If I want to lose weight I just have to cut out my carbohydrates.           
              Weight loss and overall better health is more than just cutting out carbohydrates.  Your body needs a certain amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and calories each day.  The lack of any of these could cause a reduction in your metabolism, lack of sleep, headaches, mood changes etc.  Your nutrition plan will be a realistic one which will make it easier to maintain.
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